Baby Backpack Carriers - Need to Be High Quality

It can be difficult to figure out the best baby carrier backpack to buy in the market. While there are many options out there today, not all are the best for you or your child. There can be many issues that people are generally unaware of, and picking a low quality baby carrier can not only be uncomfortable, but can be hazardous to you and your child's health. Here are some health risks of low quality baby carrier backpacks.

Improper support can cause bad weight distribution on your back when you are carrying your child. This can cause back problems, neck problems, and spinal alignment issues. If your child carrier, backpacks specifically, is uncomfortable you may begin to try and adjust your backpack, this can cause parents to trip, fall, or rattle their child around in their pack. Ultimately this could result in injury to you or your child.

Recently high lead levels were found in many child toys, and did you know that baby backpack carriers fall into that same category according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission? Although low quality baby carrier backpacks can be a health risk (because babies/children tend to put their mouths on the straps, and various pieces of the backpacks) the Consumer Product Safety Commission is allowing until 2010 for companies to comply with their lead standards.

This means that sub-standard child carrier backpacks can still have potentially toxic levels of lead in their materials and still be able to sell them until 2010. Good companies such as Deuter (who have a great line of child carrier backpacks) have already complied with the lead standards and are tested safe. But many have not passed these lead safety standards...

Strapping your child into a backpack is essential to safety, and not all backpacks have a safe, and secure way of doing this. The best thing to do is to find backpacks that have a 5-point harness that is color coded so that parents know which straps to buckle up, so they don't miss a strap. You don't want your child coming lose out of the backpack.

There are many other considerations to think about when choosing a baby carrier backpack. That being said, when you find a high quality, well made backpack, from a trusted brand and store. Then you'll find that baby carrier backpacks are absolutely wonderful, and you will never go back to any other type of carrier ever.

Don't settle for a low quality baby carrier that could be dangerous to your child, heavy, and uncomfortable. For a collection of the highest quality []baby back carrier, like []Kid comfort iii get only the safest, lightest, and most comfortable backpacks on sale today.

By Brian Bandler

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