Choosing Kids Sleeping Bags

The kids need to sleep well at night on a camping trip if you too want to sleep well. Your kid's warmth and comfort is your responsibility if you are the parent.

Since kids are probably not ever going to camping in extreme conditions they won't need top of the line sleeping bags.

Manufacturers usually make use of cheaper materials to make kids sleeping bags. More are made of synthetic fibers than down. If you're going to invest in a high quality bag for your kids, better make sure that they won't outgrow them in a few years.

Price is not the only consideration for the selection of insulating material. Synthetic fibers still retain their insulation properties when wet and can be easily washed repeatedly without damage. Down would be too troublesome as the kids probably won't handle them carefully enough. The Montbell UL Alpine Down Hugger 3 if a good option if you prefer your kids to use down sleeping bags.

You would want to choose a light sleeping bag for your kids if they're going to carry them. There may not be much difference in weight between down and synthetic bags for kids since they're very small.

It may not surprise you that lower quality bags for kids are more popular with parents. Since kids sleep warmer than adults, down may be overkill anyway. Physics would tell us that the kids lose more heat because of their small bodies but they compensate by having a higher metabolic rate.

Choose sleeping bags with a hood, draft tube and draft collar if you to be sure that your kids stay warm. The hood plays an important role is keeping your child warm because we lose most of our heat through the head.

If safety is of the upmost importance to you then you can't go wrong with The North Face Tigger because it has some important safety features. The absence of cords eliminates the possibility of your kid being tangled during sleep.

Heat can escape through the zipper coils but a draft tube (an insulation-filled tube that runs alongside the main zipper) prevents this from happening. Insulated tubes positioned above the shoulders, called the draft tube, prevents heat generated by the body from escaping up the bag.

You'll find that kids sleeping bags are also made by REI, Deuter, Lafuma, Big Agnes and Slumberjack among others.

There's a lot of kids bags to choose from including ones with all the bells and whistles to something that looks like two blanket sewn together. The materials used, features and design can skyrocket the cost of kids sleeping bags.

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